BestPrice Furniture’s delivery team will deliver your furniture to your home. The delivery will be made with two men. The two men will remove the furniture from the truck at which point you are responsible for getting it into your home. Upon request our delivery men will bring the furniture into your home and set it up for you. In-house delivery and set up is done only as a courtesy and we are NOT responsible for any damages in or to your home and/or furniture.

Be sure to check your furniture for any defects at time of delivery. If you find any BestPrice will take care of any repairs needed. If you do not find the defect 10 days after the delivery you will be required to pay for any repairs.

Local delivery from
7142 Hiawassee Overlook Dr # 2 Orlando, FL 32835

Local delivery fee is $80 an hour to and from our store an all orders. Example. If you live 30 minutes away from our store delivery will be $80 and In-House set up is included. There may be extra charges for larger items such as bedroom sets and larger quantities that require more time.

Customer Pickup:
Our furniture is not boxed or crated, so you will be responsible to bring appropriate padding material (old blankets, etc.) and a large enough vehicle or trailer. We will not be responsible for damage once the items leave our location. If you need help loading please call a head to make arrangements.

Out of State Delivery Charges:

Curbside delivery: Curbside delivery is having your furniture delivered to your home at a lower cost and just to your home. This type of delivery can involve you, the customer, being responsible for either helping unload your furniture off the truck or you personally being responsible for unloading it off the truck. You are also liable for assembling your furniture (if assemble is required; IE: dining table).

In-house delivery (white glove): When furniture is shipped to a customer for In-House or in home setup, a specialty carrier such as Bekins or Mayflower will be used to deliver the furniture to the customer’s home. Once the furniture arrives at the destination terminal, PackShipUSA (or its representatives) will call the receiving customer to let them know it has arrived and provide the customer with details to contact the carrier to schedule the delivery. The carrier will deliver the furniture in a 45 foot or 48 foot tractor trailer unit. The delivery will be made with two men and the trailer will have a ramp and/or lift gate. The two men will carry the furniture to the room(s) requested and set up the furniture (i.e., assemble tables, beds etc.). After unloading the furniture and before the delivery drivers leave, the customer should inspect the furniture for any damages incurred during delivery. Product damage is rare, though, if damage is found, first the customer should note the damage in the appropriate box on the Delivery Receipt provided by the drivers and then sign. Next, please contact BestPrice Furniture and we will assist you on filing your claim. Delivery charges will vary depending location and the size of the order.

With both options the PackShipUSA will call and set up an appointment.

Blanket Wrap Delivery: For small items or singular items (IE: 1 nightstand, 1 bookcase, etc) we offer a blanket wrap service that may save you money over our standard packing and delivery service. You can also call us for a quote over the phone.

Call 1-(321) 504-5951 or email us at if you would like an exact quote and we can have one for you usually within 48 hours.